Building My Winter Skin Care Routine|2018

Its so important to build a good skin care routine, especially in winter. The cold dry months are challenging but a good plan will help you avoid set backs with your fussy skin. I managed to finally have my winter skin care routine on my channel (check it out).

In my video I discuss my night time skin care routine and I wanted to write and expand on a bit more on why I have chose the products am using.

Winter is a time for gentler, nourishing and protective products which is why I chose oil and balm cleansers. These cleansers do the job without drying my skin, and a bonus is that they leave my skin moisturised. They have oils, they are milky and they are gentle!

I follow this with my toner, acne treatment and moisturiser as I do in the summer times, only this time I chose a richer night cream. I know most people are afraid that rich creamy products might break out their skin; which is not always the case, but the cream is water based and will attract moisture to my skin and maintain it. Making a good choice is the secret.

I hesitated trying this moisturiser from Woolworths,well I can be a skeptic but after a week of lathering myself skin with their ageless night cream, I decided to stop the nonsense and just love it! Update in month.

Serums are such an important part of my skin care and no matter the weather I always add one to my routine. Oils from Khiels, Nuxe, The Body Shop are a staple because when I don’t use a serum I use an oil. So I ran into The Ordinary and found 2 amazing products, 1 an oil and the other a serum.

I switch between them nightly, and it has been a fantastic idea! I gain so much from these. The power of squalene helps my skin retain moisture making it glow and so elasticated. The rose-hip  oil brings luxury to it all care and also brings so much hydration to my skin game.

On some nights I finish this all off with a sleeping mask but on this particular night I opted to do without it.

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