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I have been inspired by my friend and founder of Bomoko, an organization fighting cancer right in the heart of DR Congo.

Cancer has been taking over lives for the past few years and sent the world in a spin to find and discover treatments and cures. having lost someone very dear to me to cancer gave me the courage to stand and talk about it.

DR Congo is ravaged by poverty, a poor administrative system and a dictator that has denied the country of growth and redemption for almost 16 years now. Its really bad there and I consider people who live there be very strong and patient, including my family.

I met Melissa as a colleague about 3 years ago and we hit it off so quickly. I found a friend and a sister. We have been inseparable since.

She moved on and years later created Bomoko, a foundation helping very poor people in Congo receive help and treatment for cancer. This is an endeavor I admire greatly because I consider all the challenges she faces daily and all the sacrifices she has made to assist every patient she has come in contact with.

Not only that, Bomoko has also been involved in educating the community about cancer, to eradicate taboos and stereotypes. Young women now know at what age they must screen for cancer. Its a real break through.

I have watched Bomoko grow right before my eyes into a great organization and she has shared a few stories with me that touched my heart.

Melissa, you are so strong and courageous to take on a task that is not only emotionally demanding but also really hard because you fight everyday to get some help. At such young age you have taken such a huge responsibility and made it work in the mess that is DR Congo. You educate a nation on cancer. You provide for those who don’t have and I don’t even know how you do it. It takes a lot of strength and zeal to achieve such. I am so proud of you and I know you will change many lives because it is your calling. You have a big heart and a big brain to have conceived something that is so needed. Am proud of you and I will support you in any way.

We need to be a more exemplary youth like her so we can change the world. In a time where we are all about ourselves and consumerism, here is someone who at a young age is giving it all up to see others be in better conditions.

Just amazing and I celebrate you.

Please reach Melissa on Twitter as https://twitter.com/SharufaAmisi and Bomoko here https://twitter.com/FondationBomoko to read the full story.

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