I Review| The AgeLoc LumiSpa from NuSkin

As a blogger you get a lot of exciting products, but none excited me like the revolutionary sonic brush from Nuskin. So what is this device…



The LumiSpa is the cool kid of facial cleansing brushes. It gently and deeply cleanses the skin of dirt, makeup, oil and impurities while leaving your skin smooth and soft; and your pores tight. it promises us brighter, softer, smoother skin within a week just by using it on skin for 2  minutes.




What makes it different?

The technology is very different from what we know. It has a silicon head with small massaging bead like effect and a dual direction movement of the brush on the skin’s surface ” a Micro pulse oscillation technology” and that is what sets it apart from other cleansing brushes.

Why LumiSpa?

  • Gently cleanses skin without any harshness
  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin
  • if you’re always on the go
  • Renews, revitalises and reenergises skin with its massage effect
  • Easy to clean, charge and assemble/dissemble
  • can be used morning and evening
  • very easy to use as the device itself for 30 second on each area of the skin
  • It alerts you if you use it too fast or hard by pausing and vibrating
  • Its water proof, it can be used in the shower as it has a rubber grip
  • cleanses pores and purifies skin
  • Renews skin to reveal radiance

How to: I suggest you use it with the Age Loc activating cleanser

  1. Splash some water on your face
  2. Apply cleanser all over your face (I used the age Loc activating cleanser that was sent with the brush)
  3. Wet the brush head
  4. Turn on the device by pushing the button with the lights
  5. Move device across skin gently without rubbing
  6. Rinse face thoroughly and you’re done

From personal experience, I loved this brush! I can also understand how we are used to brush bristles and it will take some time to see or feel results as our deep conscious is accustomed to brushes. Compared to a Clarisonic, Its set at a competitive price and will definitely be very popular in the beauty community as we are all trying to go gentle. I would highly recommend the LumiSpa for problematic/sensitive skin, as its easier to keep clean compared to other cleansing brushes.

The brush will officially be launched in March.

Would you use the LumiSpa? Are you curious about it? let me know in the comment section and we will chat about it.





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  1. Oh wow hi Kay!
    While I was about to buy a Clarisonic since I spotted a super nice offer for the Mia Fit 2, my cousin recommended me LumiSpa instead. Clarisonic is clearly more expensive, although I wouldn’t mind to pay more – if the product is really good. But after reading your review and others, I think I better go for NuSkin. I’ve sensitive, dry and prone-to-acne skin, breakouts if lack of sleep, under stress and not enough nutrition (I’m so annoyed of myself sometimes, how fragile can I be?! Lol) since the brush seems to be more skin-friendly, LumiSpa would be a better fit for me. I just ordered mine today, will have to wait. Will update how my skin improves, fingers crossed ?;)

    By the way, are you still using it, any improvements?

    Best greetings from Switzerland,

    (I thought Id just read and go but when I see that we share the same names, I had to connect! ?)

    1. Hey Kay!!
      Thank you so much for staying and reading!

      I was very impressed by the Lumispa and I highly recommend it for sensitive skin. You will enjoy it. Clarisonic is for much harder skin I feel. You should thank your cousin for saving you a buck! For skin Id pay anything! Hahahahaha

      All the best and please let me know how it goes!


      Kay ( Name sake)

  2. Hi Kay,

    I just love the LumiSpa, I got mine last year when they were first launched and its my greatest investment for my skin that I’ve made. I am that girl that never went a day without makeup, but since my Lumi I don’t feel the need to cover anything anymore. My skin is at it’s best ever.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to fix damaged skin or to slow the aging process….and save some money too because your visits to the spa will become a thing of the past.


    1. Hey G, I totally agree. The Lumispa is amazing for skin! Its really great to feel free in your skin and am happy that you found that too!
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

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