Monthly Favourites| February 18| The Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser

I was probably the most excited person to see the store “Skin’s cosmetics” open in Sandton city. I literally passed by everyday after work just to see if they had opened; and when they did, I wasn’t disappointed. Other than the fact that they didn’t invite me to their opening.

I have purchased a couple of products from them ever since which am still to use but the first I opened was this body cleanser by “The Grown Alchemist”. I never heard of them before but I was looking for a natural substitute to my daily body cleanser. And my severe dry skin can no longer tolerate overly fragranced products.

First of all I love its ingredients, Chamomile,bergamot and Rosewood. They are so gentle on my senses and my skin still feels nourished and revived after a good shower. I have used it daily, it lasted me almost a month so despite its price its really worth it.

As they’ve said

“Neroli, Rosemary and Tangerine fruit oils visibly condition, nourish, tone and moisturise the skin while providing uplifting, stress relieving and calming aromatic properties.

Antioxidants contained in Jojoba, Macadamia and Rosehip leave the skin looking healthy, vital, and smooth.

Essential Fatty Acids found in Rosehip contain Lipids and Proteins that noticeably soften skin.”

I really feel like this product delivered on its promise; even though, I plan on doing a thorough review I will highly recommend it for people with dry skin or those are are looking into natural alternatives for their skin care.

Do You have any natural products you can suggest to me so I can try it out? Leave me a comment bellow and lets talk about it!




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