I Celebrate| Melanin Monrose

I have made many friends and enjoy many relationships on my social media platforms, with many of them we just support each other but with others I have felt a great connection. Funny enough; many of them live abroad, we’ve not met yet and its a loving long distance relationship.

I met Rose on a blogger Pod because Instagram is killing us with the constant changes of algorithms. In these hard times we must support each other for visibility right. Rose and I didn’t speak much until we had a heated discussion of the HM fiasco recently. All in all, there was a little tension and from there came great respect and love for this girl. I must confess that many of my great friendships have been born from tension, I think that my warrior spirit picks out which ones can survive me (ahaha).

I am celebrating Rose today not only because she is a great creative but she is also very feminine, strong, sexy, vibrant and inspirational. She is one of those women who grow into great teachers and influential forces in the industry. And did I mention she is very stylish too? Gotta love her. I see her going very far.

Head over to her instagram and check her out.

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      1. So I finally see your comment, my site is going crazy.Yes she is one amazing lady! Thank you so much to you guys for being great parts of my life! Love you sis. XO

  1. I am blown away by your kindness and wisdom every single time we conversate. And even more humbled by this entire post, thank you so much. One of the great things that’s come with social media is being able to connect with people on the same wavelength as you, irrespective of their geographic location and you’re one of those for me. Thank you so much sis and you know I’m coming to raid your skin care cabinet soon!!!

    1. I completely agree, I have made great friend with people who are a million miles away and you are all amazing!!!
      Thank you so so much.
      I told you this before, my skin care is under special protection. LOOOOL

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