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I Love fashion!

I love to dress up and look good and I think that for everyone that follows me on social media you’ve noticed that. Your girl loves to look good.

Recently, I was very torn on what exactly my style was, I wanted to define it and decide what exactly it was that I identify with when it comes to style. What kept popping up were old, classy and strong feminine ensembles. This was concluded from my Pinterest board (which you can see on my page footer).

Many times I have tried to blog about my style but I haven’t known where to begin and I believe that I found the issue. In my head I was eclectic, I liked everything but it wasn’t true. And believe me I was just as surprised.

I am so excited to work on myself and my style and I can not wait to share all that I have in store for this blog! In the mean time enjoy the gallery of my shoot with my good Friend Hallemah who took these beautiful pics of me.

shoes: Mules from Zara S.A 

Earrings: Zara S.A

Bag: Clutch from Ted Baker S.A

Skirt: Brigitte Kay

Shirt: Cloth&Label

Hair: Sandton Hair Salon

Makeup: Belle Africaines

Photos :Haleemah Khufu

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  1. You look absolutely stunning! Your style is classic and timeless ??? you’re right about that, most of us tend to believe we are electic but when we take time out to stop and really think about what we like, it’s mindblowing. I hope everyone can take a few tips from this post and maybe everyone will stop look g like the next person’s style clone on social media. Thank you for your rant about creativity on insta, it has certainly jolted us awake. Keep slaying queen ?

    1. HEY QUEEN!!!

      So great that you have stopped by! Thank you so much. Yes I am worried about where our creativity as people is headed to be honest but I hope that everyone else got the message as you did.
      My style I promise is still evolving and you have slowly become one of my muses so….more is to come lol


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