Empties & Reviews| January 2018

Hello Everybody!

Happy new year and wishing you all the best in 2018!

So of course I will start on a beauty and skin care note because the glow up in 2018 is definitely goals.

I enjoyed all the products I am about to review, one way or anther they brought something new and different to my routine.

  1. L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamot Gel Douche and Body Milk ***

L’occitane is a brand that creates botanical skin care using natural ingredients that are kind to skin, I must admit that the scents of these products took me to another place it was amazing! The combination of the fragrances all together created scents that reminded me of a Jasmin farm. The lather  of the body wash was great, my skin felt soft and the fragrance lingers all day long! Even my neighbour asked what I used to shower (laughs)

In my personal experience, the products were not very moisturising for me. I have very dry skin on my body and the body milk didn’t moisturise it as much as I needed it to. It was also a little runny for my liking. And that is why it receives 3 stars.

I am very much keen to try out more products from L’Occitane.

Buget R 900

2. Anantara Ginger & Jasmin showed gel ****

As I recently revealed, I was on holiday in The Maldives and visited the Spa at Anantara. As I was invited to shower before my treatment, I noticed all the products in the shower and reached for the shower gel and Ive not looked back since.

I bought only one bottle and I am still kicking myself, I contacted the hotel and they told me where to find one near me.

The lather, the scent, the cleansing, I just loved everything! The only thing I didn’t like is that it was too small or else it would have gotten 5 stars.

If you ever come into these Spas around the world, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Budget R 350 ($26)

3. Eucerin Urea Repair plus Replenishing Body Wash ****

I honestly bought this body wash because everyone was talking about it and suggesting it to me for my dry skin. So yes I went to the shops and bought it.

It contains 5% Urea which is a moisturiser and lactate to prevent skin from drying out.

I liked the thick consistency, it almost felt greasy and it felt gentle on my skin. I struggle with dry skin and eczema and I felt like this shower gel prevented my skin from getting worse but it didn’t take away the issue and I didn’t feel like it moisturised me enough (maybe thats not the aim of the product) but I expected a bit more from it.

From what I understand it can also be used on the face but I didn’t like how it felt so I didn’t continue. I like the fact that its unscented, means it was meant for sensitive skin like mine and it definitely soothed it. thats why it gets 4 stars.

Budget R 180

4. New Skin Epoch Baobab Body Butter ****

I loooovvvveeed this body butter! None equals its smoothness, moisturising, consistency, subtle scent I could go on for days.

I got it as a gift from an event I attended with Nu Skin south Africa. I had never heard of it but as soon as I opened it I fell in love with it. My skin loved it too and right now I would recommend it to anyone with dry sensitive skin like mine.

It contains shea butter and fruits of the baobab tree, there is noting more moisturising that than. I felt it was best applied on wet skin straight out the shower.

I just wish there was more in the jar though, I realised the Jar was just big with much less product than I would have wanted and also its not easy on the pocket. I am definitely going to buy more!

Budget R 470

6. Clinique Exfoliating 7 Day  Scrub ***

I have been giving Clinique products a try the past year and its not been so bad, I wasn’t disappointed. It was okay.

I am a sucker for scrubs because I always have that little voice that tells me that it fixes all. My skin was very clean after using this scrub. It has a menthol scent to it which cools down skin, can you imagine in this heat!

This scrub is perfect for strong oily/dull skin, it a bit gritty because it contains fine rough grains. I used it once a week and that is why it lasted me so long and thats a big plus. For this reason I wouldn’t suggest it for sensitive skin.

A little tip was; I applied it on my nose for a few minutes like a mask after scrubbing ,and I felt like it made a difference. I only scrub my T-zone.

Budget R 400

There you have it, my first empties and reviews of 2018! I can’t wait to do this again.


” This blog post is not sponsored and all the information shared above is my opinion of my experience with these products/ brands. If you need assistance in purchasing any of them I will share links with you.”


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  1. Very informative review. Disappointing to hear about how Eucerin isnt as effective as one would have thought it would be, especially cause their products do wonders for dry skin!!

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