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So I have not done a #WCW post very long! I know, I didn’t have any inspiration but hey all of a sudden there came someone my way who gave me a reason to post this again.

The blogging world is very vast and the local blogging scene is growing. I have made many friends in the blogging circle but who would have thought that one of my closest ones would be from all the way in Georgia USA!

We met via social media and hit it off; with so much in common, it didn’t take much time until I called her my BFF and my sister. Our relationship has grown so much that we are so inseparable over whatsapp! But I must admit she goes MIA a lot at times. You can imagine how bad this is for a long distance relationship (laughs)

I admire her tenacity, her integrity, her ability to bring people together, her hard working spirit, her approach to motherhood, she’s a sister, a very good friend and a go getter. She is ambitious to a fault and very stylish.

All these things and many more are characteristics we share and what I believe will take our relationship to new heights for many years to come.

Dear Fatima,

It has been a short period of time but you have been one of my greatest supporters, my sister and my confidante, I am so proud and happy to have you in my life.

Words will never be enough but you know that you mean so much to me. You have created a space for me to be free in with expression, in feelings and in toughts, its something I don’t get everyday in my life.

To many more years to come! I serenade you my sister!

Fatimah is a lifestyle blogger but mostly into fashion and you can find her here for some great life, motherhood and style tips.




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  1. Crying like the big baby that I am ❤❤❤ I am beyond humbled and grateful. May you continue to grow and expand in what you love to do. You inspire me to be free and I love you for that.

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