Wishlist| November 2017| Tata Harper

So guys, you all know am just addicted to beauty products and as I’ve said many times before I can sleep hungry to have good skin.

Even though I am willing to spend every penny I have on beauty, there are just those products or brands I wince at before I spend. Or I don’t spend at all. I just look at them over the internet. Window shopping.

To make myself feel better about it I have created a wish list or bucket list for products I really want to try before I die, products I have promised myself I will buy one day and this is my first brand on my list.

On some nights when I can not fall asleep, I browse Pinterest until the App can kick me out of it. Tata Harper is a brand I know through international bloggers I follow and youtube reviews. It is the stuff that my skin care dreams are made of. I imagine that it smells herbal, natural, raw, real and like all the flowers I’ve possibly smelled. Yah, its all fantasy. I have even imagined taking pictures of it for my Instagram feed. Pfff its torture.

Everyday I wish I was born in one of these countries overseas so I can have access to these products because shipping these things home is not a joke.

Until I own products from Tata Harper, I will just keep lusting after it on the web. If you have ever used it, please let me know about your experience with the products and what its like for skin in Africa because our weather is real.

What products do you really want to try?



Photo credit to TataHarper.com

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  1. The description on the Tata Harper makes me want to go out and grab it right this second! lol thank you so much for sharing bits that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise!

    1. Lol the description ive given is imagined! If you do get to try it out before me please let me know. I hear you can get smaller bottles coz its quite pricey ah! XOXO

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