Beauty Tips| Do not be ashamed to ask for samples

Okay, lets talk about skin care prices openly. The price of everything is hiking up! Not just petrol but bread and all your beauty products are too. So your budget is tight and you have no money to waste.

This is very clear once you graduate from just using drug store brands. When you go into clinical skin care; am not playing games with you its expensive. Maybe Neutrogena Prices went from R 60 to R 62 ( its just an example) but when you use high end products they go from R 700 to R820. No lie. Shipping and custom costs. So you must very sure you want this product.

Lets imagine this. You buy a cleanser for R 500 and you get home, you open it and use but you don’t like it. So not only are you stuck with this product you don’t like and can not return! But you also spent R 500 you will not get back. I don’t know about you but thats not a scenario for me. I refuse.

I shamelessly walk into a store and ask for samples. And you have those shop assistants or consultants that look at you like you’re wasting their time. I do not care, you are a respectable high end brand and you will provide me with samples! And to be honest it is not in the their place to make you spend money, they are there to help you understand their brand and honestly you won’t rub some lotion on my hand and tell me to feel how smooth it is and how it smells good. NO. I will sample it for max 1 week and if it works ill come back. I will not be coerced into buying products I know nothing about.

So my dear readers, the moral of the story is that you must always get samples. Whenever they are available take them, do not be ashamed. If that specific shop you walk into doesn’t have any ,then ask them to direct you to another where you’ll find samples. They are made for that, to test the product. If it suits your skin, if you like the smell or the texture. And most importantly, that you don’t have an allergic reaction to them.

Just ask for samples. I am a shameless sampler.



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