Local Brand| Essel’s “Human Kind” Tissue Oil Cream

I was recently hit with dry skin. It is something that never happened to me before, and I mean never!!!

So of course I ran to my dermatologist and he suggested a tissue oil cream from Essel SA which was going to keep my skin moisturized all day. I have been on medication that has affected my skin. Yah I wasn’t being extra.

At first I thought this was going to be a little too oily for me but turns out nothing like that happened at all!

I love the way it smells, it smells like shea butter. And that is because I know what shea butter smells like (the raw organic one can send you running but am used to it. LOL) but this is not a repulsive smell. It smells really good, and its very subtle and this assured me that this product contained the actual natural ingredients.

Another thing is that my skin quickly absorbs the cream, and I do not let my skin completely dry after a shower or bath. Moisturising my skin while I am still damp is the best advice I have ever found on the internet.

Like I said, it is absolutely not oily. It feels great even when its hot outside I don’t feel like I have a thick layer of butter on my skin, because; lets be honest some body butter leave you feeling like you’re stuck in your clothes!


I hope you didn’t think that I was actually going to write a whole list! LOL but the company says that it contains:

Mongongo nut and Kalahari melon oils are rich in linolenic and linoleic acids – two essential amino-acids, which the body can not synthesise. They help in building lipid and skin care barriers on the skin. Tissue Oil Cream can be used on the face in cases of highly dehydrated skin conditions and at the first signs of developing eczema and inflammation.”


This product has been great to my skin and I can not even rave about it enough! I would recommend it to anyone with dry skin or eczema as I was interested in it to assist me in that regard and this has been fantastic!

Please go here ESSEL SA to know more about the company, which is a local brand and get more info. Am so impressed and this has me thinking about why I don’t try local brands even more. Trust and believe that I have more of their products coming up on my blog soon.

Thank you so much for stopping by, until my next blog!



*so sad to see it finish but I know Ill be back for more!*

Please note that this post was not sponsored.

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