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With my Skin care masterclass coming up, I decided to share more of my favorite skin care products from head to toe.

Growing up means you need to accept that wrinkles will come, the more you work the more the puffy eyes, late nights and not enough moisture on the face. Please start young, like in your 20s.

Eye creams and serums are a vital part of a skin care routine. Choosing the right eye cream and knowing how to chose one is very important. I prefer serums to creams because creams tend to be heavier and heavy around the eyes is not a good idea.


This cream feel thick on the fingers but as soon as you apply it, it absorbs like magic. Because you need just a small amount of it, it goes a long way! And its pricey too, so the longevity of the product is a plus.

What I like about this eye cream is that you can see immediate results, even in the morning as you get out of bed your eye area is still moisturized. You can use it day and night.

As for the wrinkle part, I have no wrinkles and I can not speak for that but if you have wrinkles and have tried it please let me know.


Even though I have not used it for long, I thought id give a little bit of insight.

So far, I love the applicator, its light weight texture and its instant results. Even though I felt like it was not long lasting I decided to give it another chance.

I will definitely be back with more on this one.

Till my next review


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