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The temptation is always there to just use wet wipes and go to bed because Ive had such a long day, and am tired or over it.
Most of the time I talk myself into making my way into the bathroom and properly removing my makeup. When I do that I always go for one of these products because it been gentle to my skin or has shown efficiency in removing my makeup quickly.
Lately Have been using a lot of oils , balms or even micellar waters infused with oil to remove my makeup.
I have never been shy about confessing that I have very oily skin, because I do! And that I find that using just wipes or harsh products dries me out and causes my skin to oil up. So the oils kind of bring a certain balance to my skin. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry.
If I had to chose my favorite products or methods of removing my makeup, it will be the following.


I always opt for products for sensitive skin because my skin reacts to almost everything, and my eyes are also too sensitive to be putting harsh products near them.

This micellar water does a great job at removing makeup. It doesn’t burn my eyes and you don’t have to wash your face after ward (but I do).

Just a few damp cotton wool pads will suffice to get your skin free of make up.



I love love balm cleansers, and what I love the most about this one is that it turns soapy with water. Personally I feel like that part alone makes life so much easier for me, because even if I don’t use my cleanser I have this comfort that there was soap on my face and that am done.

This one doesn’t dry up my skin too and is probably the quickest way to my bed.




Many people think that applying oil on their skin will cause break outs or clogged pores. In my experience I have found that oils have been the most gentle products to use on my skin even though I have super oily skin. What I was made to understand by my cosmetologist is that, its when your skin dries up that it produces more oil as a defense mechanism. Makes plenty sense right? So if you have oily skin, healthy oils can tone down your production of sebum.

The part I love the most is steaming my face before wiping off the balm, I do this at least 3 times just to make sure my pores let out everything they have kept all day! And I actually just apply the balm again before bed. Pretty awesome.



The theme of oils and sensitive returns again. I honestly can not stress enough how good oils have been to me. And since its for sensitive skin, my eyes don’t get to burn. I really feel that Garnier and Bioderma have serious competition over micellar water because the quality of these are really similar. Except that Garnier added oil to theirs.

It removes my makeup very well and doesn’t leave my skin tight or dry.




I know, I know! Its tissue oil. But if you do not know the wonders of this oil by now then am sorry for you. Bio oil does more than heal you skin’s imperfections and hiccups. It does an amazing job removing makeup as well and it leaves skin smooth and not dry.

That is probably the one thing about this oil I really love! Give it a try. Rub some oil on your face and massage until all your makeup has broken down, then wipe it down with a warm cloth.


So I would say these products come highly recommended by me! Then again if you are on budget and are looking for something from the kitchen, olive oil or coconut oil will be just as good to you.



PS: Check out how I remove makeup in my video here (don’t forget to like, subscribe and share)

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  1. I’ve been using the Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’ balm and it’s such a dream. What I love most about it, is that it takes that infamous Inglot black gel liner off with so much ease. Does the Be Uzuri & Co Hot Cloth cleanser also emulsify?

    1. I love the balm from clinique its really good! Be Uzuri is fantastic but the product only has oils it doesn’t emulsify. But does wonders for your skin, try it out.

  2. I tried Bioderma – worked great until I found the Garnier. Works like a charm on my skin but I’m using the new formula for dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin(the greenish bottle) it really does help clearing up my skin. I use simple and decent make-up as I don’t want it to clog my pores. I feel like my skin is being deep cleaned after using it. Bio oil I use on my skin, smells super nice but now I prefer the new nivea Q10 oil!

    1. At the moment am crazy about balms and oils to remove makeup! I use the micellar water for the eye area mostly. I understand how the Garneir could be helping your skin (hope you don’t skip the cleansing step) its nice and gentle but efficient.
      Less makeup is always better! I live for less makeup.
      I have been wanting to try Nivea products which Ive never done before. Will take your word for it.



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