Brand Crush: Cipria Milano SA

I am one of those people who search for unique products and if I love them I stick by them no matter what.

After a very frustrated encounter with Mac cosmetics shop assistants in Sandton city mall, I decided to walk down towards checkers. I was headed for the banks. I remember it was their early days and the workers in the store were all over but so so sweet.

A tall gentleman came to me and explained the products, and to be honest European beauty brands are of outstanding quality (in my opinion). So I asked him how much the lipsticks were; when he told me I almost fell over and bought a few for myself.

I have been using Cipria products since they opened the stores but I never paid it much attention until now.

Recently I discovered a highlighter I once picked up from the store which I thought would not suit my skin because it was on the yellow side. I was going to give it away to a fairer person. On a Sunday afternoon, I discovered the glow was out of this world! I loved it! How could I have possibly never tried it before? I proceeded to snapping a couple of picture for my Instagram page and raved about it.

And now, its an unimaginable love affair. I unpacked and searched for all my Cipria products and they are on front line in my make up box. I have decided to try more products in the range. The only disappointing thing is that they have a spray on foundation I saw on their Instagram page; I went to look for it in their store and they told me that unfortunately they do not stock darker shades. I was very let down and I hope its something they look into.

Over all, do not underestimate this brand. its cheaper than Mac etc but the quality is just as good! Check their shop out just bellow the Bread Basket in Sandton city mall and tell me what you think!










Till my next blog!



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    1. Please check them out! They have really great products and I feel like they are the under dog here. But They have grown and I just can’t get over their stuff!

  1. Yhoo babes, Don’t get me started on mac cosmetics peoples. It like. . .they have sooo many amazing products over there but these incedents happen way too many time. Even going and just picking up a lipstick becomes so very intimidating.
    But this brand looks interesting. Would looove to see it in action on video. They better start sponsoring my faves if they want my coin. I hope they peep this post.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. Hey yah!

      I can no longer deal with the Mac store assistants, I do not even bother with them anymore. I walk in and walk out.

      Cipria has great stuff. Lets go together when you have time!

      I hope this see this blog too!

      Ahahahahah if they sponsor me I will hook you up because you are my favorite too!


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