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This Wednesday a major #WCW goes out to my one and only Tanya (Titi)

I don’t even know where to begin. She has changed my life and she has taught me so much in the short time Ive known her. I look forward to every Thursday. Our Yoga sessions are full of chats and stretching.

I never thought that my body could be this flexible until she showed me how much she believes in me and I can see her dedication to making me better. She is tough on me but the love comes through as well. So its tough love.

I usually post these about bloggers and Tanya is not a blogger and she is more than my Yoga instructor! She is my friend and the only vegan I know. My mom. My psychologist. My Dietician. My sister. My pusher. My spiritual guider. My supporter. My motivator. She has taught me to be tough as nails (tougher than I am), to say no, to know I deserve better. In this class I get the best advice.

I could not imagine this going out to anyone this Wednesday but her. She has been such a big support in my life and I have learned to dedicate my time to my Yoga matte weekly.

I knew I needed this, I knew I needed somewhere I could go to and be myself. Not be judged. Be understood. And she has given me all that!

Until my next blog



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