My Diary| 05.06.17| My Journey to Minimalism

A month ago I stood in my small apartment and felt confined. My space seemed smaller than I remembered and I just could not stand the clutter. Since a month ago I have been planning to clear things up and just let some air in the house.

I am serial horder. I inherited it from my family members actually, we kept everything! Especially my aunt (dad’s sister). She always feels that she needs to keep something in case she needs it some day and until now I didn’t realize that I do the same thing! Empty lotion bottles, broken lunch boxes, ice cream tubs for recycling purposes and guess what I never use them!!!

For years I have piled on shoes, clothes, products, and even underwear I did not need to keep at all. I swear I have things from 5 years ago.

This weekend its officially all gone!! As of the 04.06.17 all I consider junk is gone out of my house. Honestly blogging was also one of my biggest excuses. I bought things I wouldn’t use just to post on instagram and since I am being very honest, I have many things I bought just to blog about or post on instagram. Honestly it had to stop. I had to stop keeping empty bottles for an “empties” blog or video I have never done.

I have had enough of myself and I am going to put my money into what counts. My new goal is to ensure I use up all the products I have, commit myself to doing “give aways” and wearing every pair of shoes or piece of clothing I own.

  • No more buying clothes I will fit into when I lose weight
  • No more buying products just because I saw it on Youtube
  • No more buying products I already own and have not finished
  • I must do a give away monthly
  • I must have an audited shopping list
  • No more stopping by the mall every day after work and buying things I don’t need
  • No more being a typical consumer
  • No more holding on to material things that no longer serve me
  • No more buying things I don’t like or things the sales person coerced me into buying
  • No more exposing myself to beauty adverts
  • No more encouraging people to do all the above
  • I will make it my life’s mission to teach every woman about the importance of not buying things we don’t need to prove something to people we don’t like
  • If I buy it I must need it, it must be necessary

I must achieve these goals because having all these things in my life clouded my judgment. They did not make me happy. They did not give me room to enjoy my house. They did not prove anything to anyone other than the fact that I don’t need them.

As for my Youtube videos, I filmed 3 videos for my winter necessities and I did not like any of them. Hopefully soon I will have something I deem to be up to my standards.

Please if you ready my first diary entry, look at your life , even with people if they do not need to be there they must go. I feel so relieved. I can not wait to do an updated apartment tour and to actually get rid of more.



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  1. So so so proud of you!!! Yaaaasss, I was also a SERIOUS serial horder, I couldn’t let go of things I didn’t need or use anymore, I always had some sort of excuse. This is great! It’s normally so hard to take that first step!

    Well done friend! 🙂

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