I Celebrate: Lontia from “The Kween’s Guide”

I Have known her for a few years and I have always known her to be a very gracious girl, out going and outspoken.

Come to think of it I have not seen her for many years and we have stayed in touch over social media, it has not affected my respect for her craftsmanship. She is of Zambian origins and relocated to the US for her studies a few years ago.

I only recently discovered she was into blogging as much I am! Well she is really good make up artist too. Since I discovered her I have become quite an addict! I love how she has incorporated her African roots in the work she does.

If you visit her youtube page, you will see just how amazing she is and find one of my favorite videos where she uses the Zambian flag as an inspiration.

Recently she let us know that she will be having her makeup masterclass in Johannesburg this winter. I would love to get some of these tips from her and since I care about you all, I will share this info here. To know more, watch this announcement video . FYI, she brings goodie bags with her! Do not miss out!

All I can say is that I am very proud of her. She has done amazingly well.




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