Coconut Oil For Oily Skin| Yay Or Nay

I am going to ruffle a few feathers on this.

In the beauty world there are those products that make a buzz for a few months and then disappear quietly, leaving a few fans behind. Thing is; when this buzz is made, very few people opt to do some research on the products “propagandad” to us. We adhere to the trend and at times we suffer consequences of which we do not know the cause.

Coconut oil a couple of years back was one of those oils that made a huge buzz and no lie, I also used the oil on my face. Sigh.

After a while, I noticed I had a few more blackheads than before. I was easily breaking out and my skin was so congested. Through all this, my skin was very smooth and had an even tone. I used it nightly.

I decided to Google whether coconut oil clogs pores or not. Well it turns out that yes, Coconut oil is indeed very comedogenic and that on the scale of 0 to 5 it stands on 4.

It all made sense to me at this point! Even though my symptoms creeped in only slowly my skin still suffered break outs and congestions. I stopped using it on my skin completely.

So yes. What I am saying is that Coconut oil is not good for oily or combination skin, though it does wonders for dry skin. Its just not the same for all of us. Especially being used regularly.

The rule still applies even in natural products, butters are not for oily skin. Even shea butter for example which is non comedogenic is too high in oleic acid which thickens the sebum in our skin and causes congestions. We must steer away from butter and choose a few oils that work great for our skin.

on the brighter side, using fractionated coconut oil might not clog your pores. To tell the difference, organic coconut oil is solid at room temperature while the processed one stay liquid.

I always support everyone that goes the natural way, its cheaper and does wonders to skin but still watch out for that coconut oil!



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  1. Oh wow, well, i should check with google then and maybe stick to using coconut oil as a prepoo instead of using it to oil my scalp. . .
    I will say tho that my skin loves olive oil. its even less oilier now that i use it. . .oh lord no please don’t tell me its bad for the skin too. . . Great post. Very informative

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

  2. I absolutely love coconut oil on my hair and body but not face, I use it as a makeup remover at times but the go on to thoroughly wash my face with a foaming cleanser. I can’t stop using coconut oil but absolutely agree with what you said here. Listen to your skin it knows best.

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