I Review a gift from Oh So Heavenly

So some of the perks I have enjoyed from being a blogger are the gifts am getting/ products I try out. Its so much fun!

So recently I received a nice package from Oh So Heavenly and I love their products. The lavender body products for bed time are some of my favorites, so I was very excited to try the Lucky in love flirtatious spray, Hula hands hygiene wipes and the Q10 age defying hand cream.

I think this company is very innovative with their packaging, its always pretty and colorful. Inviting to the eyes and very detailed. I have high expectations on fragrance for this one.

They all smell amazing! I think they have a great sense of smell at their factory.

The hand wipes are alcohol free, and they were gentle on my skin. They have coconut in them so they smelled fantastic. What I loved was that after I wiped my hands they were still moisturized. They were not dry and at times when I forgot to put on hand cream my hands stayed hydrated and soft.

And that worked great with the hand cream because it didn’t leave my hands greasy either, my skin was soft, supple and smelled great.

Am not so big on body sprays, I use a very limited amount because I find them over powering and overwhelming but this lucky in love flirtatious spray is just the right balance for me. Not too much, not to little and it lingers on for the day. It smells so good.

I do hope you go visit your nearest clicks store and get yourselves one of these and try it. Please let me know how it goes.



*Oh So Heavenly sent me these products as a gift to try them out and let them know if I liked them. This is my personal opinion*

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  1. What a shame we don’t share some of the same brands, ie stuff available in SA no available in the U.K. It would have been great to try some of your recommendations. These sound amazing. Loving your blog and videos doll keep up the good work.

    1. Hello!! I feel the same way! I would love to have easy access to all your products big time! Your blog makes me drool big time. Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the encouragement am putting in a little more work. Come back soon! Kisses

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