My Skin Series: Youtube linked| How to know your skin type and products you need

The most fundamental part of your skin care routine is knowing your skin type. What category you fall in and what influences the changes in your skin.

Climate, medicines,seasons, diet, pollution, lifestyle, age, and so many things affect your skin, being the biggest organ we have its so strange how we misunderstand it or know so little about it. Genetics affects your skin and yes our genetic skin type doesn’t change but skin does change over a period of time e.g.puberty/menopause.

If I were a doctor I would have told you that there are actually many types, more than the generic ones we know. But am not and I will stick to the basics.

Oily, Dry and normal/combination.

How to find out your skin type at home (though you can get it mapped professionally),

Wash your face. While indoors on a Sunday, don’t apply anything at all. Seat and watch Tv or read. I say indoors because the sun will get you. After a few hours go to the mirror and check out your skin. Is your T Zone oily. Is your entire face oily. Is it flaky. Is it completely dry. You can do this overnight.

An to take this further, splash some water on your face. How does it feel? Apply some products, is it burning. This determines your sensitivity.

After this am sure you know your skin type. If your still unsure go see a beautician or a dermatologist.

Ok now that this is established, lets discuss how to take care of each skin type. Truth is no matter what skin care type you have, the rules are almost the same.

_You need to stay hydrated

_Clean you skin twice a day

_Never sleep with makeup

_Stop smoking

_Always moisturize

_Use sunscreen that protects you from UVA & UVB rays

_Oily skin needs to avoid doing too to try and keep oil away. It dries your skin even more.

_Dry skin must ensure to keep water in your skin Eg. After washing your face pat dry with a dump cloth.

_Always do a patch test of all your products

_Create a regimen and stick to it

_Many things can affect your skin, get to know what they are and avoid them. Except hormones seek medical help.

_Try and change your routine when seasons change, because this affects your skin too.

_If whatever you are doing at home is not helping with the Eczema or Acne please consult a dermatologist as there could be underlying issues

_Drink as much water as possible and eat as healthy as possible.

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