I Celebrate: Mezaenhle Mtshali

The first thing that caught my eye about Mezaenhle was a video of her putting on some makeup. Eyeshadow to be specific. And since am not crazy about eyeshadow (not good at it), I was so captivated by her videos and binged on them an entire weekend!

I don’t know her personally but I know that she likes a clean, neat and organized blog and website. Go see for yourself. Her Pinterest feed is also amazing!

She is definitely on my “to meet” list.

Dear Mezaenhle,

Most of all I owe you a big gratitude for the love and support you have shown to my blog and youtube feed! I am always mesmerized by the amount of support and love bloggers give each other on this new platform we are all trying out!

You have been such an influence on me because I admire your need for order, your creativity, tour neatness and style. It is all so unique to you.

I have so much to say when we meet. So much to ask. But so long, keep rocking and keep up with the good work!

Until we meet



You can fin Mezaenhle on her blog here  and on all social media.


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    1. I love you babe! I can not wait to meet you!!! Thank you so much for reading here. I just feel like us women we must create a village where we are safe to be ourselves. No judgements. No completion. Just love.

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