My Skin Series: Youtube linked| Are you using your clay Masks correctly?

We have been flooded with clay masks lately. every where you look there is a brand telling you how great it is for your skin. And it is, but are you using it correctly?

As we all know, you apply a layer (freely) of mask on your face and wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to dry. Probably its what the package says , right. And your mom, aunt, granny, cousin and sister or friend have also always done that. Wait until its dry and flaky. maybe even watch TV with it to make sure it penetrates the skin well. You keep it on longer. Right?

Well I am here to tell you that it is the wrong way to use a clay mask.

When the clay mask is first applied to your skin, its dump and wet. Your skin absorbs all that moisture and all the good minerals it comes with, when it starts to cool and tighten your blood flow to your skin is accelerated but the when it dries up it actually starts to draw moisture out of your skin.

Its dry. What more can you get out of it? And it makes sense why someone with especially oily skin would think that this is a good thing. All you want is dry matte skin. Well thats a very bad approach. Oily skin can be very dehydrated and you don’t want to make things work by drying it even further. This applies to all skin types. Our skin needs moisture for agility and elasticity, to also just glow!  It need plenty water.

having sorted this out and gotten it out of the way, let me give you a few steps on how to use all your clay masks correctly, even DIY ones.


I can not stress this enough; think about it, how does it benefit you to apply your mask on dirty skin. Imagine all that gunk just sinking back into your skin. Clean skin and recently washed also means that your pores are opened and ready to get all those vitamins.

It is also great to exfoliate before applying a mask, just going back to that opened pores point.


Even a small amount of clay can do just as good for your skin, think about your pocket and use your mask well. I don’t know about you but those things are pricey.


The package did say you must wait 10-15 minutes, sometimes even 20 but as soon as you touch it and its tacky or sticky, its time to wash it off with lukewarm water and wipe your face with a warm dump cloth.

Proceed to applying a toner, a moisturizer and sunscreen. You are set and did very well.

Check out my Youtube video on this blog entry here


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