Favorites: Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are probably one of the best ways to get that smooth, flawless, glowing skin weekly. And you can scrub your body daily, unlike the skin on your face.

You can either go the DIY way or you can just pick a few that you like in a store. Honestly knowing which scrub best works for your is trial and error. Its really about experience.

Preference also matters, what is it that you want the scrub to do. So I go for scrubs that do different things. I personally don’t like scrubs that are too oil and leave my skin oily, I feel dirty and I would shower again. But In winter, I can go for a creamy scrub while in summer I opt for crystals and clay scrubs. Even if there is oil in my scrub I will make sure its not too much and mix it with a little shower oil (for the soapiness) or some shower gel.

Let me show you my favorite scrub. Its not a best list, so am not counting down. Its just the ones I love to use! please note that my body skin type is very dry and I go for moisturizing scrubs. You must also remember to always test products for allergies.


Probably one of my favorites is the St Ives Apricot scrub ( Fresh skin) which I use on my face and body. What makes the scrub is the Walnut shell powder which to me makes sense as to why it is so efficient at scrubbing,it doesn’t t dilute with water. Apricot oil is amazing for skin! It is full of Omega-6 which helps skin maintain balanced moisture.

I love how clean, soft and supple my skin feels after a good scrub. remember to always be gentle on the skin.


Probably the most pricey on my list is this dead sea salt scrub. I wouldn’t say it does wonders for the skin but the smell is amazing and it lingers on my skin for hours! Just don’t use salt if you have bruises, not pleasant.

I like to use this one after a work out. I shower then rub on my skin and steam in the gym steamer. It doesn’t contain too much oil so no worries you won’t be slipping if we share the steam room. I then rinse it and proceed to apply its sister moisturizer. I smells and feels good all day!


I love this one for its smooth texture and the smell is out of this world! I am one of those people who believes that lemon cleanses skin and this scrub leave my skin so supple and smooth.

C&E have stolen my heart when it comes to fragrance. This one is my favorite in summer because my skin feels so refreshed and cleansed. It is also so Zesty because of the Lemon and coriander.


This scrub was very much worth every penny I spent. The quality and quantity were just what I was looking for.

It feels very buttery and milky. It is so good to my skin and the smell….pfff it stays on the skin for hours! It leaves my skin smooth, moisturized and hydrated. I love it on Sundays when I do a spa at home day because it is very pampering. And I just use small amounts.

I strongly recommend it (even though this is not a review) and this is my second tub.


Yummy!! Woolworths hit the nail on the head with this one! I love this scrub as you can see, it doesn’t last in my shower. I go through quiet a few in a short period of time.

I love Argan oil for skin, it does wonders! Its full of anti oxidants, vitamin E and is a super hydrant.

This scrub is not too oily and leaves my skin so moisturized! It smells amazing too. For all the wonderful things its done to my skin, its not expensive at all! The texture of my skin has improved so much and I use it once a week.

So guys, there you have it. My favorite body scrubs. Knowing me I have plenty scrubs but these are the ones I hold close to my heart and I love them. I would walk miles to find them if they were out of stock anywhere.

I hope you try one of them and tell me what you think.

Till the next blog



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