I Review: Nu Skin| Tru Face Age Loc |Neck & Décolleté Essence Duet Serum

I was so excited when I got the call to review Nu Skin skin care. I had actually not heard about it before then. I spent so much time researching it. I was happy with the comments I saw from bloggers and customers, I just couldn’t wait to get to that Meeting and hear all about it.

The Nu Skin “Age Loc Tru Face Essence Duet” for neck and décolleté from what I understand is basically a combination of two very effective serums which has anti aging properties. It lifts, smooths and tones the skin on the Neck and décolleté.

A little breakdown of my skin between my face and chest. I suffer from severe eczema in the hot and humid months. Its uncomfortable and leaves my skin dark from the scratching and peeling. This leaves my skin dull and uneven. And on my chest, my skin suffers from occasional acne. This is an issue I deal with yearly. I have tried aqueous cream and all, it works to a certain extent.

If you think about it, our skin on our neck and chest are exposed just as much as our faces and I don’t know why but us women in our 20s we neglect taking care of it. The best advice I ever got for my skin was that it is a great idea to begin with anti aging products as you hit your 20s. Yes, I can confirm that.

At first sight, I loved the simple crisp packaging and the multilingual information leaflet in the box. It details all the steps you need to take to correctly apply the product. As soon as you press the pump a beautiful, nicely fragranced silky gel comes out. You can feel it as soon as you apply it.


I have used Nu Skin’s “Age Loc Tru Face Essence Duet ” serum Neck and décolleté for over 3 weeks and there is a dramatic change in my skin texture and appearance. My skin is smoother, softer, supple, toned, firmed and color has returned! Even though it has been hot I have not had a rush yet and my acne on my chest is a thing of the past.

The “Age Loc Tru Face Essence Duet” neck and décolleté serum has definitely made it onto my favorites list. 2 pumps a day changed my skin! I truly believe this is one product to try.

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*This blog post is sponsored. All the information I have given is my own opinion after trying the product for more than 10 days. I am in not suggesting that the products has healing effects on diseases, if you suffer from severe skin conditions please seek help from a dermatologist. For all expert advice please email me and I will get you some help. Nu Skin Tru face Age loc Neck and décolleté  serum retails for Aprox R 2500*

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