I Review: Vital Hair,Skin & Nails + Lamelle Acnevelle

Am sure that like me you have been very curious about all these pills promising to grow your hair and make your skin acne free and “glowee”.

That is how it began for me. I wanted to try hairfinity and I was afraid that I could be allergic to the ingredients. At the check out point of my purchase I thought that there must a cheaper product with the same ingredients that could work! Besides I did not want to spend R 700 on a products that I was not sure about.

I browsed the internet and looked through pharmacies and that is when I came across Vital Hair skin and NailsI have been using this vitamin since December 2016 and I have seen significant changes to my hair. It grows thicker. My hair line has grown back and my hair looks healthier and shiny/bouncy.

My nails are harder and growing well with some assistance and for my skin I don’t know because I already use other vits for my skin.

The goal was to find a good vitamin to save my hair from the pits of dullness! Split ends and hairline-ness. I can say that I am 100% committed to some Biotin daily which is one of its main ingredients.

Vital also contains: Vitamin C,Folic acid, Biotin, Vitamin E, Zinc , Magnesium etc

And onto my skin……

I have been on the Acnevelle by Lamelle for almost 2 years now. It was first recommended to me when I walked into Cindy’s  room(my beauty therapist) with breakouts, uneven skin tone, hyperpgmentation and spots.

I was so afraid to actually take a pill to fix my skin. I thought that it might be dangerous but after she promised me that this pill could fix endless issues with my skin; I went for it and have never gone back!

In the spirit of home grown products. Lamelle is actually a fantastic skin care line developed here in South Africa! I love to support local products.

Acnevelle has helped my skin in so many ways! It has improved a 1000 miles from where it was and with my hormonal breakout I take one pill in the morning and another in the evening but on normal days, a pill in the morning is enough.

This is a product I know I constantly need because I can not imagine what my skin would be without it! The main ingredients are Nicotinamide and Zinc Picolinate. I am sure this means something to you if you are a scientist but I have no clue, all I know is that it works.

I strongly believe that even though our bodies are fully equipped to regenerate and fix itself, it needs outside help because at times things could be more severe than we think.

Remember to always see your doctor if an issue with your skin persists and if you want to start with any medication.

I hope this helps you


*Not sponsored*

Vital retails for approx R 90 in clicks

Acnevelle retails for approx R 300 online/affiliated therapists ( I buy from Tusc in Sandton City)

(Unfortunately your girl doesn’t have before and after pics but I am arranging some here on. See you again on this post)

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  1. Hi Kay!

    Thank you for the information. A friend of mine gave me Acnevelle awhile ago. She has very bad acne and it really helped her. But knowing that our skin is different, I was scared to use it. I don’t have acne however sometimes I feel like my skin is abit dehydrated (?Lacks the natural glow) even though I’m an oily skin typa lady. This really helped a lot, I’ll try it out! ?? Which other products would you recommend for oily but yet dehydrated skin?

    1. Hello Palesa!
      Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

      Acnevelle is great for acne prone skin. I would suggest “Clinique” Dramatically different face gel. Its fantastic.


    1. Hello Elaine, I believe that they will help because I had the same issues too. If in a month you don’t see a difference I would advise you seek some professional help.

  2. Hie!

    Thank you so much for the great review. I’m wondering though, with Acnevelle, if I started using it now would I have to rely on it forever or even on a once off basis its ok?

    1. Hello!
      I feel that acnevelle is much gentler than other acne treatments. I wouldn’t use it my entire life I would stop when I see results. But its best to speak to your doctor or therapist about it.

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