I Celebrate: Vuyelwa_m

It is very befitting that I have chosen Wednesdays to celebrate my fellow bloggers from the continent. It is after all #WCW.

Today I would like to celebrate Vuyelwa and how she inspires me as a blogger!

Dear Vuyelwa,

I first saw your blog almost a year ago and I got intrigued by how sleek and clean your work was.

At first I thought you might be an American blogger. Of course a while later I realized you were from just around the corner and I became a fan of yours.

I like that you are very thorough with your posts. I can always see how much effort you put into everything looking great and being able to inspire us (bloggers) is something Id like to always see you do.

Funny thing is I have never met you, we chat across social media but I can already have a feel of your genuinety. Its something that resonates across your blog!

I want to be here to encourage every blogger to work at their craft so we can create a platform where we rely on each other for creativity and you are right at the top of my list. But maybe its because am a neat freak like you or we both love make up and hair care. I do not know. All I know is that I love your blog, your work and effort and I would to see you keep at it.

This is not something I want tell you in a mail, I want to tell you on my blog so that I can show an example to others that we are here to learn from one another. Not compete.

From a very inspired avid reader of yours


I want to do this weekly so that every blogger can feel appreciated. We invest so much time, money and emotions in our work and if there is no one out there telling us we are great. I will do it!

You can find Vuyelwa and her “Very me Very V” blog.

*all photos provided by Vuyelwa*



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  1. Beautiful. You have the right idea Kay, your sentiments are sure to propel what you ladies invest so much of yourselves in to great heights. May you, and all the amazing young black women hard on the grind, continue to inspire and have all the success in the world.

  2. In a world full of women bashing and bringing each other down, this is such a breathe of much needed fresh air. I love that you have chosen to do such posts regularly. It’s very inspiring. Thank you Miss!

    1. Thank you Besa! Women need to know how good we can do with the power to elevate each other!
      I hope to see you more often on the blog.


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