Travel blogs: Cape Town 2017

2016 for me was a rough end.

I enjoyed seeing everyone so excited about the year coming while I was in a hospital bed for almost 2 weeks with a lung infection.

I took a little time from blogging, my social life and work until end January. I needed a break. A great escape! Beauty rest.

I had a long year. Trials and tribulations with my health, my relationships and my work and I think that this was one way that the universe tried to get me to stay still for a while. Thank God all turned out well and I am right back into my lifestyle a little wiser and more cautious with my health.

I battled a lot about where exactly I wanted to go for holidays. It was between Cape Town and Mauritius. Because the hustle and bustle of immigrations at the airport did not appeal to me, the Mother City seemed like a great idea. I had been there previously but not visited all sites I was curious about (tourist vibes). So glad my niece Sephorah tagged along(someone had to drag my luggage full of cosmetics).

I really enjoyed the layed back vibe Cape Town gave out. Beach bodies and cocktails on week days. Everyone is much more relaxed(too relaxed actually) than in Johannesburg, even though I would not live here (because it would be an infinite holiday) I definitely appreciated the lifestyle of CapeTonians. It is a beautiful scenic city, boasting so many beautiful natural landscapes.

I stayed in a hotel called Banksia Boutique Hotel. I love its antiquity. The light coming through. The landscape. The interiors. The staff was so friendly. And they are super helpful. I am definitely going back.

I had some sad moments when I was visiting Cape town and the most difficult was visiting Roben Island. I was very sad and feeling down by the time the tour was done and I have promised myself that I will never go back. This is too personal and to close to my heart to explain how I felt on that sad island. no human being should have to go through that.

My holiday brought to me some good memories. I made new friends from Paris and Berlin (am so chatty), I enjoyed the wine lands (didn’t drink enough) and it was great seeing my niece enjoying herself. I saw a penguin for the first time in my life and was baffled at seeing them standing still and their eggs being layed. Nature is fascinating.

I stood at the most top place right at the tip of Cape Town and thought of how lucky and blessed I am to be standing here and seeing all the glory of nature.

Now I am well rested and going back to work in a few days. I thought to reminisce to remember the privileges I am working hard for.

Till the next vacation. I have to go back for some shark diving!!(kidding)



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