Remedies: Trouble sleeping

Its been about 3 months that shutting my eyes at night is quite an exercise.

One night, I was so over counting sheep that I decided to Google what can help me sleep. A lot came up but the idea of Lavender stuck to me.

Maybe my love for Crabtree and Evelyn products influenced this “biasness” for their lavender products.

I am very sure that any lavender infused bath salts, washes, gels, room spray would work just as well. But I stumbled into these and am in love!

The diffuser smells amazing! I have it right by my bed. Its not heavy so you are not overwhelmed by the smell and I sleep with my windows opened, I think this helps disperse the smell.

The shower gel is just as good, I use it before bed so that I can breath it in and relax before bed.

Its very common with our busy lives and minds that when the time comes to rest, anxiety gets us and we struggle to get a good night sleep. It is so important to our health to sleep at least 8 hours per day. The computer called the human body needs time to reboot. I never knew I had sleeping problems until it got worse.

I would get to bed and start thinking about very negative things. I would have night mares that made me not shut my eyes again. Insomnia is a real problem.

I am working on it and have some tips for you.

-Put your phone away at least 15 minutes before bed. It keeps you distracted and the light from computer screens, phones and TV can affect your brain’s ability to sleep

-Avoid sugar in the evening

-Take a walk after work. Think and plan then

-Avoid big meals at night

-Talk to someone about things that stress you

-Take dip breaths at least 13 times and close your eyes

-Remove everything that distracts you, lights, pillows etc

-Set a calming atmosphere in your room from lights to smell

-Chamomile tea, celery sticks and warm milk haps as well

-Have a routine and a specific time when you go to bed

-Avoid sleeping with unresolved issues. If you can fix things before

These are some of the things am applying to my life to sleep better and I hope that they help you too.


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