2017: My New apartment

Towards the end of 2016 I found myself longing to get out of my 3 bed apartment. I was just so overwhelmed with the space; I live alone,I just wanted something smaller for myself.

To be honest it was also just about being money wise. I started to feel wasteful. Renting such a large space for one person when I could be saving some money to be an owner. Its these kind of decisions that matter in life.

In no time, I found a nice one bed apartment in a newly developed complex and I was happy with it. Except that its on the top floor and the stairs leave nothing to be envied. Guess I need the exercise.

I love my new place, though its right next to the high way and my quality for my videos will suffer. I still love it. I love the light that comes through it.

I dont like the dust or the noise. When it rains its crazy up here. Moving from big to small is challenging. I have more things than could fit in here. My furniture is large and I have too many clothes and shoes! But of course I made a plan.

Its amazing how a small space can make you so creative. In the beginning I struggled so much. I felt claustrophobic. I kept complaining about the space and where to fit what. In the end when I made peace with it, everything fell into place.

In our 20s, I feel its very important that we do not take the little money we make for granted. We need to learn and be able to invest and spend it well. This is what I learned and have applied to my life.

Its not about doing things like someone else, or looking like you live large. Its about thinking about the future and accepting that the sooner you save, the better.

A bit more on my decor, I love white. I love grey and pastel colours. Lately I have been into metals and because am so eclectic I have mixed rose gold, gold and silver all over the house. The light coming into this apartment is really good. Makes my colours look really good.


I should do an apartment tour as soon as all is in place but here are a few snippets of my favourite corners of the house.



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  1. I think we, as human, always struggle to change and experiment the new.
    You surely got out of your comfort zone and bingo, there you lovong it.

    The high way noise is part of “living in Johannesburg”; that can bring a cool addition to your videos maybe (laugh)…

    Overall nice read

  2. Moving from the big city to the dusty small area of Taung (where finding a place to rent with a flushing toilet is a mission) I surely can relate.
    But to improve ourselves we need to get out of our comfort zones, make discussions that will not only benefit us financially but creating generational passive income.
    Please do deliver on the apartment tour because I’m loving the bedroom already.

    1. This comment touched me the most because I can see you made a sacrifice to grow. And I can relate to “getting out of the comfort zone”without that we will be too comfortable to see what is going on else where.
      Creating generational wealth is something that was not not passed on to us but for you to cultivate this on your own! I hear you.
      You have definitely won this bag, let me know how to get it to you in your small town.

      Please contact me on any of my social media pages or email kurvekut@outlook.com


  3. I love the new apartment and you have made it look so good and I am sure it feels like home. So awesome I am inspired to redecorate my space because of you. Thank you

  4. My new years resolution is to start a fitness blog, work on my relationship woth God and to spend time appreciating the present moment. I also want to do more for other people in any way possible. I plan to sAve money by saving then spending instead of saving what is left over after spending.

    1. I have seen your instagram page! Keep at it! You will do great things for all of us. Health is paramount. Save as much as you can! Trust God. He has a pal.

  5. Lovely post! Sometimes letting go of our wants for our needs can be liberating!

    My new year resolution is simply to dedicate the year to loving myself more by being less critical of myself and being the best I can be so that I can offer my best to everybody.

    I’m a terrible saver so I have already implemented my money saving the other day I opened a 32 day notice account which debit order goes off on pay day!! I have also started making shopping lists with wants and needs and I make it a point to only buy the needs and maybe I will engage in the occasional wants once in a while!

    1. I remember the 32 day notice account being terrible for me because I would even not care about the penalty, long as you have taken steps towards saving that is what counts.
      Loving ourselves is the most important love! And I am also working on that.

  6. Hmmmm…

    Well put here sis.

    After years of resolutions and setting high expectations for myself this year I’ve decided to alot more present in life.

    I’ve decided to be grounded and let go of things I cannot change.

    I’ve decided to embrace my daughter alot more and also to express gratitude…

    I guess mine are not resolutions but decisions that will cause me to live better, slower but better…

    Thanks for this.


    1. I believe being a parent makes you very unselfish. The decisions you have taken will definitely not let you end up on the wrong track. All will be well

  7. After many years of trying to do things at my own with no success, I have decided that:

    My new year resolution is to let God be the centre of my life, to trust His ways and His Will… many times we blame ourselves or even God for things that happen to us. I have decided to be positive and accept whatever happens to me bad or good in a very positive way knowing that Its God’s plan and He said his ways are not our ways nor his thoughts our thoughts so being positive is my way foward.

    1. Accepting that we are in control of nothing and putting our trust in God is the only we make it through. He makes ways where there are no ways.
      Trust in him.

  8. You made it work and that’s all that matters.
    My new year’s resolutions are to work harder, save more, make time for my family and friends cause life is nothing without these two… Love myself more and go on vacation with my ride or die gal.

    Get myself a book where I can write down the things or ppl that inspire my me, things I have learnt and lastly to always put God first in everything I do.

    1. You should get that diary and keep all your positive thoughts in it! God loves you unconditionally, He comes first.
      And youll get that vacation am sure shes been planning one.

      Make time for those who matter, life is short.

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