I Mask: Collagen mask by Beauty treats

I love collagen. I love collagen because without it our skin would literally shrink.

I was first introduced to collagen a few months ago by my beauty therapist, I had heard of it and read about it on anti aging products labels which I thought I didn’t need but since I began ingesting it and using collagen masks my skin has improved in feel and is more hydrated.

I love taking home with me sleeves of masks from Dischem. I find so many that gets me way too excited. The most I spend on masks is R 60.

What is collagen? Collagen is the protein that makes up a large part of our hair, skin and nails. It is found in connective tissues. It is mostly advised to ingest collagen as a vitamin or liquid. Collagen beauty products will go a long way in aiding you with visibly improved skin.

This one came as a sheet mask, which is perfect! I love the application of sheet masks. One application, no rinse and easy peal. This means you can keep all that goodness in the gel on your skin!


img_1210    img_1213

I have used this Beauty treats collagen mask 3 times now. I love that it hydrates my skin, you know this oily skin life. And it just feels really good when I take it off. My skin feels smooth, cool and tighter.

I do hope that you pick one up or any other collagen mask. Dischem has plenty!

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