My 5 Simple Steps to creating a Skin Care Routine


You will be overwhelmed with information on skin care out there but as a grown “beginner” in skin care, I can tell you that I was there too. I got all this information I did not know what to do with.

Because I learned on my own and I was my own Guinea pig, I feel like I have graduated to being able to share with you how I did it.

How do you plan a skin care Routine?

Here are my simple steps.

  1. know your skin:

You will get no where if you have no idea what your skin type is. You get Normal, Oily, dry and Combination skin. Although these can vary from aging, puberty or sensitivity. There are many beauty specialists than can help you map your skin.

I fall into oily skin which to me is not that great but oily skin has many advantages like slower aging. Which sounds good to me on better days. But the acne and pigmentation my skin comes with can drive me up the wall.

Knowing your skin is the key to helping you devise a plan on what to do and how to do it.

2. Make a plan

So now that you know where you stand, plan what you would like your routine to look like. Choose days that are best for you to exfoliate and use a mask or visit a medical aesthetician (which I always suggest because some times you just need help).

Its best to scrub twice a week and I prefer to do it in intervals. If I scrub on Monday I will only scrub again on Sunday.

And for masks, I always do it on a weekend when am more relaxed but if my skin needs a little pick me up during the week; I usually make one of my go to DIY masks.

3. Know and research on products

The unfortunate truth is that we may have the same skin types but what works for me might not work for you. So it is always best to look up skin products, test them and safely switch them around in 3 months.

Doing patch tests for allergies is also the best way to make sure a product is for you. Do not be ashamed of grabbing samples.

Basically you need: A cleanser, a scrub, a toner, a mask, a moisturizer and cotton pads. Other accessories like eye creams, dry oils etc come after you have you base covered.

4. Shop within your budget

I have recently realized how much social media influences how much I spend on beauty and beauty products. And at times I buy unnecessary things because of influence and I can’t believe I am preaching this but try and stay in budget when buying skin care products, avoid wasting on things you know you won’t use or you know nothing about.

Replenish products once they are finished and if you really want something then save for it.

And remember that just because it is expensive doesn’t mean its better or of good quality.

5. Be consistent

Last but not least you have to keep up with your routine. Consistency will pay off and you will see a big change.

Do not also forget to drink a lot of water, eat vegetables and fruits and wash your face twice a day.

Check out my video of this blog entry on my Youtube channel SKIN CARE BASICS

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  1. Great post.Im stumbling in terms of beauty and skincare,trying to see what works for me and what doesnt.Thiis post is exactly what I needed.

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